The North East of Scotland has been an area where, for centuries, livestock rearing and marketing has been a source of pride, prestige and considerable financial investment.  The marts generated a hive of activity where farmers, dealers, agricultural workers and families came together to socialise. 

Inspired by the innovative spirit of the pioneering farmers who established the original business in 1872, ANM Group is acknowledged today as one of the most dynamic, progressive and forward-looking businesses serving the UK farming, commercial and industrial sectors and playing a major role in the economy.
The development of modern auction centres, the pioneering of electronic and video auctions, diversification into non-agricultural auctions and the move into the high-quality catering and hospitality market are examples of the innovative approach which has made ANM Group one of the most successful farmer-owned businesses in the UK, with annual throughput of £150 million, an asset base of around £30 million and shareholder funds in excess of £15 million.

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