Show & Sale of 6,500 Half Bred & North Country Cheviot Ewe Lambs, Sale of Store Lambs


Show & Sale of 6,500 Half Bred & North Country Cheviot Ewe Lambs, Sale of Store Lambs

Monday 16th August 2021

Show & Sale of Half Bred & North Country Cheviot Ewe Lambs

Show Kindly Sponsored by D R Alexander & Son, Reay 

1000 Half Bred Lambs
Entries include: 250 Lythmore; 220 Granton Mains (including Suff X HB Lambs); 200 Aimster  
900 North Country Cheviot Lambs
Entries include: 150 Damside; 100 Tormore; 80 Knockinnon; 60 Myrelandhorn (Miller); 40 Reaster; 40 Sebay; 40  24 Sinclair Square; 35 Lower Gills; 30 Achairn; 30 Upper Dounreay; 30 Wester; 30 Westerloch;    
4600 Suffolk, Texel, Beltex and Any Other Breed Ewe and Store Lambs
Entries include: 600 Gerston; 500 Stemster, Wick; 280 3 Crakaig; 250 Latheron Mains; 200 Ha Bowermadden; 200 East Murkle; 200 Inkstack; 200 Achunabist; 180 Milton (Budge); 150 Roswell; 125 Balnahard; 120 Tormore; 120 Hoy & Braal (Budge); 120 Folly Farm; 100 Netherside; 100 6 Janet Street; 100 Myrelandhorn (Miller); 100 Plocan; 80 Achnamoine; 50 Borrowston Mains; 40 Cairnside;    

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