About Us

Established in 1872, ANM Group is one of the largest and most progressive producer-owned farming, food and finance businesses in Scotland and ranked in the Top 25 of UK co-operatives.
With more than 140 years at the centre of the agricultural industry in Scotland and highly diversified with interests in the land market, commercial and industrial plant and machinery and equipment and the catering and hospitality industry, we are dedicated to maximising returns for our 5,000 members, ensuring the sector is fit for the future.
Together, we have a stronger voice, and this includes robust representation of members’ interests with the aim of securing a political and commercial landscape that benefits customers, producers and the economy as a whole.
Our diverse services and expertise provides customers and members with the infrastructure, skills and systems to trade their livestock, goods and services openly and fairly.
Our profits are used to sustainably grow and develop the business so we continue to meet the evolving members’ needs.
Membership is open to anyone who shares our values and principles.  

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ANM Group divisions include:

ANM Group Limited being a Registered Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Society Act 2014 (Registered Number 1231R(S)) and having their head office at Thainstone Agricultural Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland AB51 5XZ