Members Benefits

Membership is open to anyone who shares our values and principles.

  Members Benefits Brochure June 2016


Stakeholder representation

We represent the interests of members through facilitating regular contact and networking with local and national industry bodies and organisation as well as at a stakeholder level with the Scottish Government.


Members’ shares deliver a return of up to 2% above the base rate. Our minimum shareholding is £200 and our maximum is £50,000


Our live auction and online bidding systems deliver transparency through competitive price discovery.  Our professionally qualified auctioneers and valuers visit and assist members and customers providing up to date market advice and guidance, whether buying or selling.

Stocking agreements

For the purchase of cattle and sheep Stocking Agreements are available to members for breeding and finishing purposes.  Applications must be submitted to ANM Group at least 14 days in advance.

New entrants’ scheme

Set up to provide financial and advisory support to those starting out in the livestock industry: assisting the new generation of farmers and securing the industry’s future.   Click here to read an example of our new entrant's scheme.

Loan scheme

Members can assist the Group at competitive rates of interest.

Trading bonus

The Group may allocate a discetionary trading bonus to qualifying members.  Click here to read about the 2015 trading bonus allocation to members.

Charitable Trust

Set up from untraceable and dormant accounts and redundant shares, the trust ensures we help farmers experiencing personal welfare issues, as well as provide skills and development funding for local young farmers.

Vehicle Scheme

When buying a new car or commercial vehicle through the Group, members benefit from substantial manufacturer and dealer discounts.

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