Weekly Sale of Store Cattle


Friday 23rd April 2021
Weekly Sale of Store Cattle

Entries include: 120 Scrabster House; 100 Charolais Cross Steers Thorneybank; 100 Bogenlea; 80 Braeside Leochel-Cushnie; 55 Waterside Forbes; 50 Cairdhillock; 50 Aberdeen-Angus Steers Little Kenny; 45 Ledmacoy; 38 Craigwillie; 35 Mill of Inverarity; 32 Auchorrie; 30 Shorthorn Cross/Salers Cross Heifers Crossburn Keith; 30 Bridgend Farms, Mill of Kintocher, Mill of Saphock, Sillerton; 26 Strathmore; 25 Scobshaugh; 22 Steers Cranna; 22 Aberdeen-Angus Steers Easter Galcantry; 22 Place of Tillyfoure; 20 Caskieben and Woodlands. 

Entries close Wednesday 21st April at 12.00noon. 


Online bidding will be available on the above sales. Please use Google Chrome. 
Please note: there will be an additional 1% + VAT added to the Purchase Price, this cost is for using the third Parties Online Application
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