Thainstone ONLINE Sale of Pedigree Bulls


Wednesday 24th February 2021
Thainstone ONLINE Sale of Pedigree Bulls

The Online Pedigree Bull Sale will be held in conjunction with Sell My Livestock and will be held via our Online Bidding platform. Entries for this sale will close on Monday 25th January at 9.00am.
To enable us to catalogue your entries for our Online sale please complete the online form by clicking this link –
Please ensure your entry is submitted along with a completed herd health declaration, which can be downloaded from your breed society and uploaded to your entry as a photograph or pdf. Please note, separate herd health declaration forms are required for different breeds. Entries must also be accompanied by a copy of Pedigree Certificate for each animal.  
The above link will also allow you to upload photographs of your entries, all video footage should be emailed or sent in a what’s App message to Andy Duncan or Andrew Connon directly or by email to
Video footage and pictures required: 
·        One Picture of each animal from each side  
·        One Picture of each animal from the back showing top line and backside 
·        One Picture of each animal from the front 
·        Video footage must be shot landscape (i.e. horizontally) 
One 60 second Video of each animal showing close up of her tag number at the start followed by the animal walking round a hardstanding pen so her feet and locomotion can be seen clearly. 
If you are having any issues with completing the form or have any queries please feel free to contact Andy Duncan on 07976 880877 or or Andrew Connon on 07340 098977 or who can also be contacted should you require any assistance with pictures or video footage.  
An entry fee of £24 including VAT per animal is due on entry. Please note, entries will not be processed without this.