Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Breeding Cattle

Monday 15th July 2019 10am
Show & Sale of Store Cattle
Sponsored by Allans of Gillock

Store Catle
Inc- 60 Thuster Mains; 50 Hoy; 35 Rattar Mains; 30 Upper Dounreay; 25 Hillhead; 20 32 Larel, Bardnaclavan, Borgie Mains, Granton Mains; 17 East End;
15 Brabsterdorran Mains, East End, Lower Thura, Nottingham Mains, South Keiss, Spittal Mains, Upper Northfield. 

Breeding Cattle

Breeding Cattle Entries Incl-
Part Dispersal N Brims, Brabsterdorran Mains 
15 Cross Cows with Aberdeen Angus Calves at foot.

Dispersal S Ganson, Lhaid croft, Lybster
4 Cross Cows with Oct-Dec Lim Cross Calves at foot. Been AI'd to BRB Bull from 29th March to 29th April, then ran with Lim Bull thereafter.
18 Limousin/Simmental Cows with Springborn Limousin Calves. Been Running with Limousin Bull from 8th June.
 1 Limousin Bull - 5years old

D G & B Watt, Cairntack, Belhelvie 
8 Cross Cows with Calves at Foot. 

J K Ross
1 Lim Bull with Pure Lim Bull Calf - Unregistered. 3rd Calver
1 Cross Cow with Hfr Calf 3rd Calver

Breeding Bulls
Merrs R Campbell, Thirdpart
1.5yr Old Limousin Bull

S Crowe, Hawkhill, Keiss
8yr Old Limousin Bull - Lingland Bred