Weekly Friday Sale of Store Cattle, Gimmers and Ewes Suitable for Early Lamb Production Down Cross and Half Bred Ewe Lambs & Store & Breeding Sheep


Tomorrow Friday 10.00am  :  Ring No 2
Sale of 70 Store Cattle


 10.30am  :  Sale Ring No 3
Special Sale of 1,300 Breeding Gimmers
and Ewes
Entries inc : Breeding Gimmers - 300 SufX, 300 TexX,100 Cheviot Mule and 300 Mules. Breeding Ewes - 300 SufX, TexX, Mule and 7 Breeding Rams
Suitable for early lamb production
Also Sale of 600 Store Lambs

Consignments from : Backhill Clackraich, Carroch, Grange Kinneff, Meikle Folla, Meikle Kirkhill, South Mains Tillymorgan, Middlehill, Mill Fowlis, St Johns Wells, Taylor Drive, Tillyboy, Tullo, Upper Sauchen, and Westerton Auchleuchries

11.30am  :  Concourse  :  Sale of Fodder
Entries inc  :  Straw and Hay